Nancy J Yeiter

Fused Glass Art

"Fire Blanket" $250


Wall Art


Since I started working with glass, I have become an explorer - an adventurer. Glass is not always completely controllable. Sometimes it ‘wants’ to do something I hadn't necessarily planned for it. Sometimes when working with a new technique, I theorize what is possible. And sometimes that works. Then something unexpected happens to show me possibilities I could not have imagined. When that happens, I tend to flow with the sense that the glass will sometimes have its own personality and want to behave in a certain way. Sometimes I come out with great things, sometimes we need to play again. This is when the magic starts.

When working with glass the hardest concept for me to learn was to follow the path that glass wants to naturally take you, to let go of the theory that you are in control. You have to be listening, very patiently, to that subtle but often visually impacting message to keep on the path. I have learned to stop fighting with the glass and let it be.


    The glass knows.